Body Positivity

Plus Size Boudoir: Tips To Ace The Intimate Session

Body positivity is a wonderful thing.

But there is one aspect the whole movement that kind of throws me off balance. It seems like women around the world denounce a society accepted standard of beauty and they do so out of the frustration that some of them don't conform to it!

Paradoxical right?

If the plastic gorgeousness and the skinny frame aren't what the fairer sex is about, then why go through so much of anguish -- even if it is well concealed under layers of an almost aggressive stance against aesthetic vacuity -- when you don't find yourself living up to them?

I Have a Different Take on the Whole Issue:

I am not against any body type. I am not against any particular style or fashion. I am not against make-up. I am not against targeted retouching of images.

My main focus is authenticity.

I celebrate exactly what a woman looks like without any judgments. That's my job. If my client is a 6 feet tall, lithe 20 something, I don't go "Yay! I snagged myself a diva. This will be easy work."

And if the lady who graces my studio is a plus sized woman, I don't walk about crestfallen because the images won't be "traditional boudoir."

I rejoice in the inner glow of each and every one of my clients. I recognize the fact that they are all divas waiting to find a blank canvas that can capture their intensity, their true personality and their magnetic appeal.

Things I do during a shoot -- from the make up to the hair style to the poses -- aren't designed to "hide flaws." They are geared to bring your personal best to the table enhancing the bounty of beauty that you already possess.

And the result is phenomenal. My work is not to snap pictures. It is to create art that vibrates with authenticity.

My Top Three Tips for Plus Sized Women:

I will call you a "plus sized woman." Because it is not a tag that derogates you! It describes your uniqueness. It sets you apart from your peers. And it will give your shoot a quality that women who do not possess your curves can't really claim.

1. Choose to work with a shutterbug who has experience shooting plus sized women. The preparations, the drill and even the feel of the sessions take on a different rhythm when a photographer is asked to project a plus sized woman's persona in clicks. And someone who knows how to do justice to your presence is of paramount importance.

2.Put thought into what you would like to expose. This consideration is not for the benefit of others. They might as well not exist. It is to ensure that you are comfortable during the shoot and any inhibitions you may have around appearing a certain way can be slowly worked out over the session. But it is essential for you to put your best foot forward -- in your mind.

3.Create a mood board of poses that you love. You might have spent time thinking not so positive thoughts about your body. I am not generalizing here -- just speaking based on my experience. The shoot is an amazing way to send love and attention its way. Have you always believed your frame is built for vintage boudoir? Have you wanted to be a cougar? Get all the ideas out. And bring them to life with your photographer.

You are beautiful. And it is not a hollow placatory sentiment. You are beautiful because no one else can be just like you. God really broke the mold after he created you. That makes you a limited edition luxury piece. Enjoy the feel.