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Plus Size Kids' Clothing Kickstarter Aims To Provide Much-Needed Options

Shopping for plus-size clothing isn't easier when you're a kid -- in fact, it appears to be much harder. American children, like the rest of the population, are buying bigger sizes than ever before (the CDC puts obesity in kids at 18 percent); but fun, stylish clothing options on the market for plus-size kids are limited, leaving parents searching for answers.

Ruth Smith of Bolingbrook, Illinois, is one of those parents. So she launched a Kickstarter for Hey Mom, It Fits! Plus Size Children Clothing, a clothing line "designed to give children confidence in their personal style." As a mom with a plus-size child, Smith dealt with the aggravation and dismay of taking her son shopping only to find nothing. "Remember, clothing is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, but for my son it was just a source of rejection," she explains on her Kickstarter page.

The inspiration for the actual items came from her own son, "based on styles that I saw him gravitate towards." But the clincher is that the items come in an extended size range possible for both girls and boys.

size chart

Having even just one more clothing option for plus-size kids is a big step. While some mainstream stores like Old Navy and JC Penney have larger sizes for children, it can be difficult to find styles in stores versus online. Online message boards are full of parents seeking advice on shopping and how to deal with their distressed kids. As one mom wrote, "Just yesterday we went shopping for school clothes & she completely broke down sobbing in the Old Navy change [sic] room as nothing fit or did not fit her properly."

With thousands of parents facing the same issue, even one Kickstarter can't hurt. Click over to read more about Hey Mom, It Fits!

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