Fat Fashion Guy: Where Are All the Style Bloggers for Big Men?

The absence of a plus-size men's fashion blog brings up many questions, but the most important is: are there not enough big men who are interested in fashion? Am I the only one?
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Now that bloggers have stamped their mark on the fashion industry, niche style seekers are able to find almost any kind of perspective with the help of personal style bloggers. Much debate has been had about whether or not this is a good thing. Either way, with men's blogs making just as big of an impact on the industry, bloggers like Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of StreetEtiquette.com and Bryan Boy of Bryanboy.com have been able to find relatable and loyal audiences. But amidst all of the specialty fashion, there seems to be something missing -- fashion blogs that cater to big men.

This industry is all about what's next. In an economy that is just now starting to regain its footing, audiences have to be interested. If not, advertisers won't place ads. If advertisers don't place ads, the demise of the print glossy is inevitable, but we're not there yet. The absence of a plus-size men's fashion blog brings up many questions, but the most important is: are there not enough big men who are interested in fashion?

Am I the only one?

As a freelance stylist, I'm always creating looks and perspectives for sample sizes for editorials, appearances, or campaigns, but of all of the blogs out there in the blogosphere (I hate that word), none apply to people like me. This generation is concerned with fashion and photos; this is partly how the personal-style blogging phenomenon became popular. While style may come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, people don't waste time or money on a niche that doesn't exist.

I think that a big men's fashion blog isn't far-fetched. At one point, some might have thought the same about plus-size women's blogs, but such naysayers were quickly proven wrong. GabiFresh.com does a good job of putting together looks that are practical for plus-size women. Her blog is just one in a sea of style sites now dedicated to bigger women. Italian Vogue, which seems to always be on the cusp of trends before they happen, launched V Curvy, a blog dedicated to plus-size women. These blogs do a great job with content that is useful and still true to style. Men's blogs do the same, but the looks aren't one-size-fits-all.

Wanting to believe that the Internet is a smorgasbord of sorts -- all-encompassing -- I took to the Web looking desperately for any kind of blogs in the U.S. and internationally that might have a big men's perspective. Needless to say, I couldn't find any.

Still seeking, I looked through some of my favorite glossies. I was pleasantly surprised to find trends that were relatable to any size. I guess at the end of the day, it's all in the styling. It seems like men's magazines are obsessed with decades. Great glossies like VMan and Details both recently published spreads inspired by blasts from the past. I find inspiration in any decade, but my absolute favorite is the fashions from the 50s. I tailor my wardrobe to be consistent with who I am while still incorporating some of my favorite trends.

That being said, style blogs have become a great reference, but it only works if there are point of views for everyone.

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