Women's Running Features Yet Another Plus-Size Model On Its Cover


Women's Running is slowly but surely becoming our favorite magazine.

After making waves by featuring a plus-size model on its August 2015 cover, the magazine, which calls itself the largest for women runners, has done it again -- this time, with plus-size blogger and model Nadia Aboulhosn.

This marks the first magazine cover ever for Aboulhosn, who shared her emotional reaction with nearly 400,000 Instagram followers.

"When I got the email I still didn't believe it was going to happen," she wrote. "I for sure thought last minute something was going to happen and I wouldn't be on the cover just solely off the fact that things have turned wrong for me so much of my life when I'm almost about to have something, I get disappointed or let down."

She also thanked the magazine's editor-in-chief, Jessica Sebor. A champion of body positivity, Sebor previously explained to The Huffington Post that fitness is about so much more than size.

"As a runner, it's obvious that fit, healthy women come in all shapes and sizes. There's absolutely no such thing as a 'runner's body.' You can go to any marathon finish line for proof of that fact. Healthy isn't about what a person looks like; it's about how she lives her life," Sebor said in July.

While we'd love to see other magazines hop on board, too, it's refreshing to see one that is truly committed to inclusivity.

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