Plus-Size Modeling Contest Winner Simone Charles Is One To Watch (PHOTOS)

Plus-Size Modeling Contest Winner Simone Charles Is One To Watch

Scoot over, Robyn Lawley -- there is another plus-size stunner joining the ranks!

Meet Simone Charles, winner of the Models 1+ Instagram Competition hosted by modeling agency Models 1 along with SLiNK Magazine and denim brand Beauty In Curves. Daily Mail reports that Charles came in first in the model search, winning a contract with Models 1, a cover story for SLiNK Magazine and a role as the new face of Beauty In Curves.

And the competition was stiff. The Models 1+ Instagram Competition was conducted specifically for Models 1+, the plus-size section of the agency, after a similar model search was done last year for the "straight-size" girls. But this year, the agency was flooded with entries: 5,600 entries (in the form of selfies, natch) were posted on Instagram, 3,000 more entries than the straight-size competition in 2012.

And Charles, a 20-year-old model, came out on top. At 5 feet 10 inches tall and a size 16, Charles previously won Ms Curvaceous UK in 2012, another plus-size modeling competition, and has reportedly worked for smaller designers. But her win, which comes with major agency representation, should put her on the map, hopefully gaining her recognition similar to Robyn Lawley (who became Ralph Lauren's first-ever plus-size model this year).

"My dream is to be the face of clothing brand with a high reputation which is respected worldwide. Someone like Gucci or Prada," said Charles. She might just make it, especially with the power of social media. It's fitting that Charles' win came via Instagram -- Charles, like many younger models today, is all over Twitter and Instagram.

Check out the up-and-comer!


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