Plus Size Mom of Six On Her Strong Husband's Shoulders

Plus Size Mom of Six On Her Strong Husband's Shoulders
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We decided to take some rad photos about our shirts, however, it turned into more than that for me. The last time somebody put me up on their shoulders, I was a child. But with me shrinking lately (more to come on that journey later) and having a hubby who's only getting stronger with age, this was so much fun!

In the past I would have been worried about his ability to get me up and would have out right refused. I would have missed out on something fun! I would have obsessed over my thick thighs (which I now obsess over in a good way!), definitely my larger than life tummy that grew six beautiful children, and the angle of the photo highlighting my glorious double chin.

I most definitely would not have shared this.

BUT now I just see and feel laughter, memories, and enjoyment of life! I learned to love myself and feel beautiful at my highest weight (about 40-ish lbs ago) and am continuing to do so soon on my journey of loving myself to health.

And no need to worry about my strong alpha husband’s back. He said this loosened it up. :) Enjoy life friends. Life it hard enough and we are all on a journey. So, do things you are scared of, get uncomfortable a little bit, and screw what anyone thinks as they don’t have to live your life! Choose laughter and kindness. It will make you happier and help this world be a little brighter.

P.S. Gotta love the vacuum cleaner. That’s keeping it real friends. With six kids it is very well loved.

P.P.S. After birthing six kids, I’m just happy I didn’t pee on him.

Much Love,

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