The 22 Most Frustrating Things About Being A Plus-Size Shopper

The 22 Most Frustrating Things About Being A Plus-Size Shopper
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We all know the struggles of shopping for our size, but those challenges can be even harder for plus-size consumers. Not only are options more limited, but designers consistently offer poor designs at high prices.

While there are a few stores on the right track, many retailers haven't made the necessary strides. So, we asked our Facebook community: What are your biggest pet peeves as a plus-size shopper? And let us tell you, the responses kept coming and coming. Plus-size retailers and designers: if you're listening, there is clearly a lot of work to be done.

Below, the 22 most frustrating things about being a plus-size shopper:

1. "Not seeing the same cuts/styles available in larger sizes as they are for smaller sizes. If a store sells a top, for example, in a size XXS, they should have it in XXL and up, too. Let ME decide what looks good [on] ME!" -- Facebook user Natalia Oleksy

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2. "Looking for clothes that don't look like they are maternity clothes. There is a huge difference between a larger size and being pregnant." -- Facebook user Lilly Christine Nolta

3. "Lack of 'basic' clothing. Basic T-shirts in a decent, soft cotton are so hard to come by. They're either tent-sized or made out of awful materials." -- Facebook user Rebecca Lisi

4. "There is a serious lack of cute fitness wear." -- Facebook user Jessicah Powers

5. "Two words: Floral fabric. Why must plus-size clothing look like draperies?" -- Facebook user Micheline Worl

6. "Why is there so much polyester?" -- Facebook user Marya Clarissa Dillon

7. "Plus sizes with darts that fall in the wrong spot. Not all plus-size girls have plus-size boobs." -- Facebook user Jessica Tobalske Gathirimu

8. "I don't want to look pregnant ...not everything has to be empire waisted!" -- Facebook user Patti Bianchi Day

9. "Can we get some dresses with sleeves? Why does every cute dress have to have tank top cut? I get tired of buying cardigans." -- Facebook user Lucy Merriweather

10. "The models they use to show plus-sized clothes are not true plus-sized people." -- Facebook user Vivian Sullivan Nwankpah

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11. "We don't own a bedazzler, stop putting that crap all over everything!!!!" -- Facebook user Trisha Gant-Lubaczewski

12. "It seems like if you are big, designers think you want to look frumpy rather than stylish." -- Facebook user Laura Anderson

13. "In order to find stylish and flattering options you have to pay outrageous prices." -- Facebook user Ashley Keith

14. "I think that stores who offer plus-sizes online should also have those options in the store, so people can try clothes on rather than take a chance ordering online, paying shipping and then having to return what doesn't fit. People shouldn't be shamed out of the stores and only have online options." -- Facebook user Christine Dolan

15. "No decent suiting. Everything is matronly." -- Facebook user Adrienne Marin

16. "Big girls like exactly the same thing that every girl likes. Get rid of those big loud colors and flowers and try making some sophisticated looking clothing.'" -- Facebook user Mary Deane

17. "The way stores squeeze in the plus-size section in the back of the store, and in the case of Target, mix it right in with maternity." -- Facebook user Kristi Vaile

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18. "Stop making tops that are cut like a perfect square. Unflattering!" -- Facebook user Susan Hörner

19. "It's like trying to decide which expensive burlap sack to buy. Ugh." -- Facebook user Figgy Pierce

20. "Lack of stylish options and one-size-fits-all-shapes reasoning." -- Facebook user Amber Gatlin

21. "The derogatory plus-size moniker." -- Facebook user Beth Jordan

22. "Everything." -- Facebook user Rachel Ann

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