People On Twitter Are Pretty Pissed About These Photos For Plus-Size Tights

“I love figuring out my size by conceptualizing how many skinny people will fit in my clothes."

This is not a good look.

People are criticizing the e-commerce company Wish for using images of straight-size models to sell plus-size tights.

The product shots for a few different types of plus-size tights on Wish show thin models stretching tights over their entire bodies, apparently demonstrating how big the product is. In one photo, a model fits both her legs into one leg of a pair of tights.

People on Twitter were pretty upset about the photos used to sell the product.

Wish, which functions primarily as an app, is a San Francisco-based company that sells Chinese merchandise to American consumers at extremely low prices.

Some Twitter users noticed that other companies have used the same images for completely different products ― for example, to demonstrate the durability and flexibility of so-called “magic tights.”

A quick Google search for “magic tights” yields similar images being used for products including FUNOC’s Super Elastic Stockings Nylon Magical Tights, which are sold on eBay, and Moca’s Super Elastic Magical Tight Silk Stocking, sold in extra-small to medium sizes on Amazon.

It’s unclear what, if any, product these images were originally intended for. But despite the outcry, they’re still being used to sell plus-sized tights on Wish.

It’s a decision that many find downright baffling.

Wish did little to clarify who was responsible for the decision. In a statement to HuffPost, the company wrote:

“The products listed on Wish are sold by stores from all over the world, and these stores are in charge of their own inventories. Whatever information you see in the description is what we know about the product. If you place an order with a specific store you will then have the opportunity to contact that store directly for more information about the product.”

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