Pluto and "the Global Collapse": A Sinister Plot?

If you watch mainstream news or read mainstream media, you can learn lots about the latest charges of sexual misconduct or financial mishandling of funds on the part of presidential candidates.

There's lots on Obama's ratings and how he is struggling to retain his position.

This is peppered of course with news of how a nutcase attacked a bus driver, or how a hit and run drunk driver killed an old lady, or how twenty-five dogs were found beaten and mistreated in a shabby abandoned house at the edge of town.

Then there's the latest report of a terrorist plot, and most important of all, the weather: will it rain on Saturday night?

So then you turn to international media and alternative journalists on the Web.

There you get a completely different perspective.

You hear about the droughts in Africa, or the filthy air in Beijing, where everything you buy comes from.

No matter where you turn for information, however, it's the impending collapse of the entire world economic structure that is on everybody's lips. This catastrophe however, seems to be miraculously averted at the last minute, just as the global market is about to implode.

SO what do we believe?

Everything IS getting more expensive, and unless you come from an emerging nation and you can travel with suitcases full of money that has not been inflationarily sucked of all its value, you must be noticing that you have to work more but can afford less.

SO where does the blame lie?

IS it just one of those things? Just one of those crazy things?

Are the Reptoid aliens manipulating the world leaders so they, the Reptoids, finally reveal themselves and take over the planet?

IS the paranoia of those human elites behind the drain on the resources of all those who labor beneath them, until they the Elite achieve complete world domination?

Is it a carefully crafted plan to intimidate the masses of the world to submit to a one world currency?

It is clear that nationalism in its former state is all but disappearing. We live and will live from now on in a virtual world with virtual countries controlled by virtual corporations, the heads of which are completely and essentially untraceable and unknown.

So is it inevitable that as the world continues to shrink, we simply have to find a way to trade goods and services in a coherent unified way, all under the aegis of one monetary system?

IS it inevitable? Or is it a sinister plot?

When you look at the situation astrologically however, you see that there may be a cosmic reason as well. Pluto has not been in the sign of Capricorn since the eighteenth century -- during the time of the first American Revolution, long before it was discovered by astronomers.

Now that this celestial body is in sight with the aid of telescopes, it is also in the conscious experience of people living on Earth. And in this case the significance is clear to all students of astrology.

The system of world government must undergo a complete overhaul and transformation, heralded first by the threat of the very scary collapse we now face.

The foreshadow of such a possibility creates dread and anxiety. People naturally scramble for a shred of power. They feel the ground beneath them undulating as if it were quicksand. Their insecurities grow.

They struggle with each other for dominance.

They battle over the resources they believe will provide them with that dominance to survive in an atmosphere of transformation.

We are only at the beginning of this transit of Pluto. It will culminate in a mass awareness that such a struggle for power and control is of no avail.

Nobody will argue that competition and free enterprise make for a vital stirring and refreshing means of living on earth.

But a society founded merely on the race for profit cannot prevail.

The original principles of freedom and the independent right to pursue one's dream and path to happiness must never be crushed. In order for such a philosophy to prosper, however, the human factor of sharing and cooperation must be included.

The expression of personal liberty is the key to individual fulfillment, but not at the expense of a person's humanity or the desire to help one's fellow human beings.

A wave of indignation is now sweeping over the world.

People are aware that the instinct for freedom of enterprise has been seriously perverted. Greed and profit have been substituted for creativity.
The paranoia that has gripped the world makes predators salivate with the thought of the opportunity to take advantage of the weak.

This is not a religious issue at all. This is not a Judeo-Christian or a Muslim problem or a struggle between nations.

It's about power, position, and who is going to call the shots.

As Pluto nears the end of its passage through Capricorn at the end of the two thousand teens, the fact that we are in the midst of a total world revolution will finally dawn upon even the dumbest dolt.

As for the United States of America, as a nation born under the sign of Cancer, it is definitely under siege by Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn, which translate into half the countries of the world. After being the Big Shot for centuries it is currently the underdog, fiscally speaking.

America was "born" in 1776 with Venus and Jupiter rising above the Sun in its natal horoscope. That makes it a rich and generous country, full of natural resources, which by the way it still has. The masses, however, can easily get carried away with the grandiose notion that the world owes them living. And worst of all the people can get fat, lazy, and live in denial until they actually see the eighteen wheeler speeding toward them on a one lane road.

Which is just what's happening now.

America is not dead, although its reign as the number one Supreme Being of the world is now part of its history - like England, France, Rome, the Aztecs, and every other nation that has had its run with an Empire.

The dollar?

The dollar is just about to be wheeled into surgery, as Wall Street sits in the waiting room, biting its nails.

More to come...