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Pluto, Capricorn and the Presidential Election

As Pluto enters Capricorn, change is coming all right, but way more encompassing than anybody has foreseen so far. Something in this country is so very over.
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McCain, Hucakbee, Romney, Giuiliani: is it still up for grabs, or, as the conspiracy theorists think, that secret roomful of nameless guys haven't decided whom we're going to be told we want? . Not one of the candidates in either party has any idea how deep, far-reaching and filled with upheaval the next four years are going to be.

Take Obama, for instance. He's so positive. Thanks to a conjunction of Venus and Pluto occurring now, at any moment I expect him to burst into a tear-jerking version of "Over The Rainbow." The sheer, unassailable magnetism and greater-than-life rock star status that such a conjunction provides cannot be underestimated. It's his moment, or at least he thinks it is. Maybe he is the combination of Eagle Scout and social alchemist he appears to be, but he could also suffer from a goofy, messianic complex that comes from his Leo Moon's Node. He does honestly see himself as heroic as a firefighter waving to a street crowd before rushing into a burning building to save a baby. He is the fatherly-type, maybe because he grew up too soon, had to be the good child, make everyone proud of him, and now sincerely believes he has to save everybody. That's a lonely burden to carry, but it sometimes fosters a grandiosity that precedes a plunge.

Back in Las Vegas he was honest when mentioned that he's absent-minded and would lose any piece of paper given to him any more than five minutes before he needed it. Nobody is completely truthful, however, because he might have also said, Can't you see that we're royalty? We leave leave the details and menial work to underlings."

And Edwards, remember him? Instead of "I'm too sensitive", he might have said, "I'm just a ambiguous Gemini. Stop calling me gay. It makes me want to cry".

And as for Hillary, instead of that "I get impatient" baloney, I would have loved it if she had said, "I'm a Saturn Pluto type Scorpio. I can be a total bitch to live with, you know, on those mornings before coffee when I feel like riding down the street on a tank and shooting people, especially you-know-who."

The campaign thus far has been the Ladies Auxiliary Tea Party, but from now on as Pluto enters Capricorn at the end of this week, just watch those velociraptors start going for each other's necks. Nobody can predict an outcome, even the members of the media, the political analysts, and the pundits. Even Super Tuesday won't tell the whole story, mainly because it is taking place during the dreaded Mercury retrograde period (the 2000 presidential election was held on the last day of a retrograde mercury). Nothing will be written in stone until after the first week of May when Saturn finally changes direction.. Be sure of this. At the last minute in the November election, the race, religion and gender cards will be played.

As Pluto enters Capricorn, change is coming all right, but way more encompassing than anybody has foreseen so far. Something in this country is so very over. Astrologically speaking, to retain order in chaotic times, will whatever regime gets into the White House be tightening its grip on the people, and how will the people react? As for the dollar, get over it. The challenge to the American economy from the rest of the world has merely begun. If anybody wants to hear more about this, I'm coming to the National Press Club this Wednesday evening 23 January so check for details.