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Pluto Goes Forward: Conservatives Gain Power

Conservatives abhor all the liberal ideas of foolish spending on social programs that they believe only serve to create lazy, dependent parasites sucking the life blood of hard-working taxpayers.
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Whether you are an astrology fiend or a staunch non-believer, just take a look around. Despite all the analyses of pundits and economists and commentators explaining why it's happening, the society we live in is moving deeper into a situation more complex than we have ever seen, and it's not about to clear up next week. Some people call it recession. Others say it's a real depression. There is also a cosmic reason.

In astrology, we say that the transit of Pluto is describing a social transformation of such great magnitude that will take years to effect. We look at what is happening now as a major revolution. It's not a revolution that is GOING to happen. It IS happening. Little skirmishes here, a protest there, an occasional uprising, a random shooting -- it all seems to be unconnected, but it isn't. It's a measure of social unrest that is growing. In America this transformation will reach its culmination in the early 2020's. As early as March of 2011 such acts of aggression will be reported more often by the news media as the planet Uranus moves back into Aries and begins its square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is going to be a royal battle between conservative and liberal.

Hot Flash Aside: Coming soon in the public arena -- a hot confrontation between Sean Hannity (Capricorn) and Rachel Maddow (Aries).

Back at the end of 2006 I published a piece in Vanity Fair called "Special Alert: Horoscope USA", outlining what I thought would be the new Conservative trends in American politics. You can probably still find it on the VF web site, edited and shortened for publication, but in coming days we may publish the unedited piece on

So what's happening now?

As Pluto moves forward in Capricorn the Conservative forces will grow stronger. They are nervous, and when they are nervous they clutch. They worry about money and their futures. With damned good reason, too, when, no matter who you are, you see yourself spending twenty dollars for a roll of paper towel and a bag of spinach, with health insurance skyrocketing, more jobs being lost. Rent, mortgages, credit cards, college tuition hanging over your head, real estate going nowhere, and the retirement joke? There's a ninety-one year old man in California who is now a greeter at Home Depot. Conservatives usually have more to lose. And at this point it is no longer a question of Democrat-Republican any more. It all depends on your income and how much you have to lose.

No matter what you hear from the White House about all the help going to the masses, the ultra Conservatives will be putting the squeeze on the little guy. They see the little guy as disruptive and dangerous. They look at liberals as undisciplined as drunken teenagers speeding down the freeway. Conservatives abhor all the liberal ideas of foolish spending on social programs that they believe only serve to create lazy, dependent parasites sucking the life blood of hard-working taxpayers. The little guys (liberal men and women, of course) see the Conservatives as self-serving slave masters who create products nobody really needs backed up by seductive advertising, tempting the masses to buy outsourced slave-produced crap, which in turn forces the masses to work for the slave masters to pay for the products, offering as a perk ant-depressant and pain-killing drugs to keep them quiet.

Wild antics and widespread rioting won't work, mainly because Pluto in Capricorn describes a regime that a) believes in order and b) will never surrender its power easily or quietly. Pluto in Capricorn is either oppressive tyranny born out of deep-seated starvation anxiety and the fear of losing control, or on the other side a sense of victimization on the part of the masses fighting a losing battle against a corrupt regime they are sure has gone crazy. There is, however, a higher manifestation of this transit. It can engender a gritty determination on everybody's part to understand that the current obstacles are actually helping us all to get better at grasping the problems of living in a material society, more aware of how the political, economic, and social conditions you may have thought were remote and did not touch you, in fact do. They touch you deeply and personally, reaching right into your living room window like the arm of King Kong in the movies.

Underneath it all lies your ability to make a long-term commitment to right-thinking prosperity over the next fifteen years. Right-thinking prosperity brings the flow of wealth and a sense of well being to you and your life, at the same time that your pursuits contribute to the happiness, well being, and prosperity of others.

That's what being rich is supposed to be all about.

Michael Lutin