Podcast Review: Greg Proops' The Smartest Man In The World

While many solo podcasters rant their way through a show, it takes a gifted wit to master The Spew -- that gift of limitless gab that remains on track, unhesitating, and often glib (if not out-and-out hilarious at times.)

Bill Burr (Monday Morning Podcast) is a Master of The Spew. Larry Miller (This Week with Larry Miller) is a Venerable Master of The Spew. But they work in rooms or studios, generally by themselves. Greg Proops dares to Spew in front of live audiences and The Smartest Man In The World showcases his mastery consistently and often intercontinentally.

This week's episode, "Popes," was from the most recent literary Hay Festival in Wales, featuring Proops showing off his American-with-a-boost-of-Brit vocab and pulling laughs out of an over-heated tent crowd. The front end of his 'cast was an improvised telling of his miserable trip form London to Hay. The back end was rougher (and lost a few folks) as he ripped the top off a can of righteous indignation over world events, politics, and the filthy rich.

His Whose Line Is It Anyway chops brought it back around with flip and hilarious answers to questions from the crowd, which then fled into the night having been charmed by a true Master of the Spew.


This review originally posted as part of This Week In Comedy Podcasts on Splitsider.com. Marc Hershon is host and executive producer of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.