Podcast Review: Hello Today With Tripp & Tyler

2015-10-02-1443810006-4339948-hello_today.jpegWith the growing interest in listening to podcasts comes more and more interest in producing them, too. Among the newest entries is Hello Today with Tripp and Tyler, which just dropped its fourth installment this week.

Hosts Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton are best known for their YouTube videos, which they've been putting out since 2006. They are de facto comedians who gained their chops by hosting live events, including a regular live variety show in Atlanta, Georgia.

This episode features their first podcast guest, author Jon Acuff (Start: Punch Fear In The Face, Do Over), who joins them in sharing career low points -- getting beat up by 12-year-olds while dressed as a rabbit at a bar mitzvah is unique -- and the most embarrassing Internet domain names that they're still squatting on are among the diverse topics covered.

For two guys and a guest who don't claim to be comics, there are good laughs to be had.

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