Poem Suggests the Irony of Comey Being Fired by Trump After Comey Got Trump Elected; Now Karmic Twist Will Get Trump Fired

Ironically, in firing Comey from the FBI, Trump just fired the man who got him elected. Now a new poem “Dear Donald Trump, What’s Wrong with the FBI” by A. Concerned Citizen suggests that Trump did this to save his own win because he feared the FBI was after him. But now that move will make him a goner too.

The poem is a follow-up to the poem: “Dear Donald Trump, Are We Going to War,” which asks if Trump is going to war because his “ratings are on the skids,” and wonders if the war is due to Trump’s deep ties to Russia. Here’s a link to the video: https://youtu.be/FBi2FsouDEk. The book on Amazon is at https://www.amazon.com/Dear-Donald-Trump-Are-Going/dp/1545378878, and it is also on Kindle and soon will be an audiobook on Audible. Here’s a copy of the text of the video and book. The poem on Comey’s firing will soon be a book and video, too. Now here’s the poem.

Dear Donald Trump, what’s wrong with the FBI?

Were they getting too close in finding the spies?

Did you feel you were going to be trapped?

So you sprung your snare first to beat the rap?

Did you fear the Feds might be coming for you?

Just a few more days and you’d be stuck like glue?

Then, you’d finally be caught by all your lies,

Like being snared in a spider’s web to catch flies.

Yes, it’s really ironic about how things work here.

Comey’s letter gets you elected; now he’s out on his ear.

Yet that’s karma, since he got Hillary out so you got in.

But now you had to let him go to save your win.

Still, Donald, the end is near, ‘cause you can’t trick karma.

Soon she’ll catch up, and you’ll be a goner.

Yeah, you’ve been a bad hombre, so hasta la vista.

You created a great political thriller; now time for that final twister!

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