Poet Slams Daughter's Twitter Hater

Shame + embarrassment + grade school.
These three words unfortunately seem to go together don't they?

Now add in social media's catch fire response to toxic gossip and our daughters are in peril of even more shame and embarrassment than even we endured through the grueling process of growing up.

In this six-minute video filmed at the Emerging Women Conference in Denver, award-winning poet Dominique Christina will leave you breathless and inspired to protect your daughter with dignity and strength. I was left with tears in my eyes. This woman is powerful, and her words are life-changing for our children.

Dominique is a former 1996 Olympic Volleyball player with over 10 years experience as a licensed teacher, holding double Masters degrees in English Literature and Education.

She also has a daughter, and when a young boy on Twitter decides to shame girls for menstruating, she sets the record straight for all women.

In the words of the Emerging Women Conference founder Chantel Pierrat: "If you've ever felt shamed, you must watch 'The Period Poem.' Period."

To watch The Period poem, click here.