The 17 Most Important Poetry Books of Fall 2010

Fall 2010 has been a great season for poetry. There are important retrospectives of H. L. Hix's remarkable career and that of the leading Arab poet, Adonis; new work by exciting young African American poets Thomas Sayers Ellis and Major Jackson; politically charged poetry by C. D. Wright and Anna Rabinowitz; late-career flourishes by veterans Paul Muldoon and Charles Simic; engaging experimental poetry by John Taggart and Julie Carr; and solidifying entries by poets of international stature like Kamau Brathwaite and Wislawa Szymborska. There's much to be excited about, and these selections give a fair indication of the presses putting out the most important poetry of the day and the degree of vitality of various poetic styles.

The 20 Most Important Poetry Books of Fall 2010