Poetweet Turns Your Twitter Feed Into A Strange Work Of Art

Is poetry nothing more than a mashup of ephemeral observations jammed into a template? Well, no.

But, operating under that playful assumption, a new site called Poetweet will place lines from your Twitter feed into one of three poetic styles, and the results are hilarious.

After punching in your handle, the site allows you to select either a Sonnet (an Enlightenment-era 14-liner), Rondel (a French love poem) or Indriso (a more free-form version of the sonnet). It then pauses while "tracking the data of your inspiration" and "analyzing your deepest feelings." But Poetweet's creators at Brazil Contemporary Art center note that there's a slightly more complicated method involved. According to a translated description from their site, the poems are constructed by "combining all user tweets and finding rhymes between them, creating curious results."

Naturally, we tried it out with a few prominent literary figures who are active on the social platform:

Stephen King (@StephenKing)
poetweet 2

Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates)
poetweet 1

Emily Gould (@EmilyGould)



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