This New Queer Video Game Is Unlike Any We've Ever Seen Before

We're so stoked about this.

“Queer Quest: All In A Gay’s Work” is a new video game offering players a modern, queer take on classic point-and-click favorites like “Monkey Island” or “Leisure Suit Larry.”

The game follows a butch lesbian named Lupe who lives in the Pacific Northwest and whose girlfriend has been kidnapped. As Lupe, you must navigate through a series of very queer interactions and experiences, including “deciphering clues, talking to lovable weirdos, and navigating self care.”

“Queer Quest” creator Mo Cohen says one way to approach the game is to think about what “King’s Quest” would have been like if King Graham were gay.

“I want this game to help make room for more queer representation in gaming,” Cohen told The Huffingon Post in an email. “When I decided to call the game ‘Queer Quest: All in a Gay’s Work,’ I thought it was a little too on the nose, but if a game like ‘Queer Quest’ can exist in the world, then that opens a lot of doors for other games to exist. But also, I want ‘Queer Quest’ to just be a nice place to get lost in for a little while. And I think it might help as a bridge between queer experiences. Like, one of the puzzles is there’s this drag show about to start, but there’s way too many straight people taking up space that the queers can’t get in to see the show. So, Lupe (the protagonist) has to help make the bar a little gayer to push out the breeders and make room for queerdos to enjoy the show.”


Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be playing a video game about our actual lives! We’re so ready.

Head here to visit the project’s Kickstarter.

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