PokeDates Is Here To Help You Catch.. Love?

Are you a Jigglypuff in the streets and a Jynx in the sheets? This is the dating service you need.

Dating sucks. Catching Pokemon doesn’t.

It makes sense to combine the two, which is exactly what the website PokeDates is doing. Similar to ChristianMingle.com or FarmersOnly.com, PokeDate takes a commonality, like loving Pokemon Go, and turns it into a recipe for romance.

Intrigued? Want to touch Lickitungs with someone?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Answer questions about yourself and what you’re looking for in a “Pokemate.” Specialists will then review your “PokeProfile” (we promise we didn’t make up either of those words).

  2. Share your schedule so your potential love interest knows when you’re DTB (down to battle... we did make this up).

  3. Receive an email with your PokeDate’s information and where you’ll meet - usually at a convenient PokeGym or Pokestop. Confirm this match.

  4. Frolic into the world together to catch allllll the Pokemon!

The only downside to PokeDate is that, while your first date is free, each date after that is $20. You can earn free dates by referring friends so it may be time to round up all your single, Pokemon-playing friends and use them for your own personal gain.

PokeDates launched Wednesday and is sure to take the world by storm. So, what are you waiting for, Slowpoke? Get out there and show the world the saucy Goldeen you can be.

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