There Is No Good Reason To Dye Your Dog's Fur To Look Like Pikachu

No matter how cute Pokemon are.

We’re all about Pokemon Go madness and the ridiculous things that this game has made people do. On the other hand, dying your dog’s fur or hair to look like a Pokemon is pretty over the line.

This video, posted to Facebook, shows a small pup who is now brown and yellow with red cheeks, made to resemble the ever-popular Pikachu. The person who posted the video, Elihudi Justin Urassa, does not appear to be the owner of the dog, or the person who dyed the dog. He captioned the video, “they made their dog look like pikachu” and called the situation “quite sad” in a comment. Urassa did not immediately reply to a request for comment about the dog’s owner.

The clip generated more than 3 million views, and many people did not feel positive about it.

“This is just the stupidest cruelest thing I’ve seen in a while,” one commenter said. “I love Pokémon, but this is just plain moronic! Learn to treat animals with respect!”

“Cruel and not cool!” said another person. “Toxic or not it’s going to stress the dog out big time trying to get that dye off!”

Animal rights advocates spoke out on this issue last year when a Parisian model dyed her Pomeranian pink.

“People need to know that there is no safe way to dye a dog or any other animal,” a spokesperson for PETA told HuffPost.

“They can get water in their ears (which isn’t as simple as when it happens to a human; it can lead to all sorts of complications) or have an allergic reaction – even a fatal one. There is simply no way to know how your animal will react.”

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