3 Numbers That Explain The 'Pokemon Go' Craze

It's bigger than you realize.

If you’re still struggling to make heads or Ninetails of “Pokemon Go,” we’ve got you covered.

On this week’s “By The Numbers,” The Huffington Post’s weekly business and tech talk show streamed on Facebook Live, our staffers discuss three numbers that put the craze in perspective:

  • $14 billion ― The approximate increase in Nintendo’s market value in the week since the game launched.
  • $1.6 million ― The estimated amount of money the app makes every single day.
  • 33.4 ― The number of minutes the average iOS user of the app spent playing “Pokemon Go” on Monday. That’s a lot! The average iOS user spent 22 minutes on Facebook and 18 minutes on Snapchat, in comparison.

The phenomenally popular smartphone game is the latest entry in the 20-year-old Pokemon franchise, but it’s a lot different than the Game Boy or card games you might be familiar with. Instead of controlling an on-screen character, most of your time in “Pokemon Go” is spent literally walking around the real, outside world and spotting cute monsters through your phone’s camera. When you see one, you toss a virtual “Poke ball” on your screen in an attempt to capture it and add it to your roster.

It’s more interesting than it might sound, as these numbers indicate. For more, watch the video above.

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