Pokemon Go! Inspires a Song

Pokemon Go! Inspires a Song
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Nintendo’s New Pokemon has inspired exercise among nerds, led to perilous encounters, boosted foot traffic at stores and boosted their stock price to over $7 Billion dollars–it’s also inspired a pop song.

Friends, and musicians AJ Faleski and Magdalena Quintana were “hanging out last night and making fun of this new Pokemon Go app. We decided to jump on the bandwagon, so we downloaded the app and set out around Hollywood at 12am to go find these Pokemon. We ended up walking for hours, walking like 30 blocks, and became addicted. We got home, and since we’re a singer songwriter and a rapper, we decided we had to write a song about it.”

Check out AJ Faleski aka An0maly at: http://Facebook.com/An0malyMusic

and Magdalena Quintana at: https://www.facebook.com/QuintanaMagdalena

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