'Pokemon Go' Leads Woman To Stray Injured Kitten Who Needs Her Help

Obviously, she named the cat Mewtwo.

Carey Burns likes to say she’s completed the quest to capture Mewtwo.

While most “Pokemon Go” players are clamoring to find the “legendary” feline Pokemon, the app led Burns to a real-life stray kitten two weeks ago. She named her new friend Mewtwo, in honor of the game that brought them together.

Carey Burns

“I had just downloaded ‘Pokemon Go’ and was figuring out what it was all about,” Burns told The Huffington Post, explaining that she was out in a parking lot near her apartment complex in Orlando, Florida. “I heard this noise, it sounded almost like a bird. … I followed the noise and there was this little kitten sitting there on the ground, and her leg was out at a weird angle.”

Crying and obviously injured, the kitten clearly needed help.

“I just scooped her right up,” Burns said. “She didn’t fight me or anything, she just seemed scared and hurt.”

Carey Burns

Burns contacted Candy’s Cats, an Orlando-based feline rescue group, which offered to pay all of the little kitten’s medical bills if Burns could foster her while they tried to find her a new home. Mewtwo was suffering from a fractured pelvis and dislocated hip, and was covered in bruises.

Since Burns found her under a tree, she suspects the kitten may have fallen from the tree and gotten injured, though no one is really sure.

Carey Burns

Now, veterinarians are waiting for Mewtwo’s fractured pelvis to heal before they can perform surgery on her hip. But in the meantime, the kitten isn’t letting her injuries get too much in her way.

Carey Burns

“She’s able to get around,” Burns said. “She can’t jump, and you can tell when she walks she’s a little wobbly.”

Though she’s is unable to keep Mewtwo permanently, Burns is helping Candy’s Cats find the kitten a loving home. Mewtwo is expected to fully recover, but in the meantime she needs a human who is “willing to take on an animal that needs a little more attention than a normal cat,” Burns said.

Carey Burns

Burns is grateful that she started playing “Pokemon Go” when she did. Without the game, “I wouldn’t have even been outside, probably, at that time,” she said.

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