Pokémon Go: Safety Tips

Pokémon Go: Safety Tips
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It seems as if the entire world is in a state of nostalgia caused by the viral game Pokémon Go, but amidst all the fun there are some potential dangers that gamers and parents should pay attention to. In order to play the game, users have to physically travel to different location to capture the Pokémon leading to police reports of people trespassing on private property, physical injuries, and gamers being robbed at gunpoint.

Crowd of people playing Pokémon Go at 11:00pm, Virginia Beach Town Center.
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Tips for Safe Gaming

1) "Pokémon Go" requests access to your personal G-Mail profile in order to play the game. This means from the very beginning, users are already providing a large amount of personal information. We recommend creating a separate Google profile to login.

2) Don't play the game alone. Have another person with you to help keep a look out for potential dangers. If you absolutely must "catch them all" while alone, be sure to take frequent breaks to scan the area and people around you.

3) Stay in areas you are familiar with and don't trespass on private party. This is how many people were injured, lost, or found themselves in places and situations they didn't need to be in. Just because there is a Pokémon in someone's house, in a restaurant or in a closed park after dark doesn't mean you need to go get it.

4) It's very easy to lose track of time in the game. if you are a parent, set limits on your child's game play and require them to periodically checking in with you.

The key is making sure to stay alert and use common sense when playing the game. Remember, even in the world of augmented reality, you still have to abide by the rules of the real world.

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