No, You Can't Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs Faster Using A Vibrator

There's this rumor buzzing around.

As the Pokemon Go craze completes its first month of existence, players are looking for any way to get an edge.

One method that’s getting a buzz in Japan is attaching a vibrator to the phone to make it think the user is walking when they’re really just sitting around watching a buzzing vibrator they’ve attached to their phone.

This is supposed to make Pokemon Go eggs hatch faster, according to, which hooked up a vibrator to a smartphone to see if it really worked.

Does it? The results can only be described as, “Meh.”

The researchers said the vibrator tricked the game into thinking the player had walked 400 meters in 10 minutes. Sounds good until you consider that the average human can walk 800 meters in 10 minutes. did its test with only one kind of vibe: a Daito Thrive Handy Massager.

Tom Nardone, who owns, wanted to see if other vibrators might provide better results. So he attached three kinds of vibes to phones playing Pokemon Go: a traditional fast-buzzing vibe called “The Romance”; the “Gyrator,” which vibrates hard and slower; and the “Stroker,” which goes slow.

Nardone let the vibes buzz the phones for an hour and then checked them to see how many kilometers they were tricked into thinking they traveled.

The “Romance” vibe only “traveled” 200 meters, while the “Gyrator” only went 100 meters and the “Stroker” barely moved.

“There’s no hack related to vibrators and Pokemon Go,” Nardone said in the video at the top of the article. “Listen, I’m Tom from I’d love to sell you a vibrator, but hatching eggs and Pokemon is not that excuse.” 



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