Pokémon Gogh Is The Work Of Art We've Been Waiting For

Ash is about to have a brush with some serious competition.

Some art will make you smile. Some art will make you cry. Other art will make you so glad you’re living in such a beautifully weird world.

This is one of those pieces of art.

You might be thinking, “Why is this happening?,” like this person on Imgur:

If you feel confused, you should download Pokémon Go on your phone IMMEDIATELY. Then come back to us. We’re sure you’ll feel differently then.

There are so many reasons to appreciate this fine artwork. It makes complete sense to us that famed artist Vincent Van Gogh should be a Pokemon trainer.

But some haters just want to rain all over the parade we’re marching in.

Sure, “Gogh” isn’t pronounced like “go” in Dutch, the artist’s native tongue, but let us have our fun, OK?!

To that we say: Paint on, Pokéfriend. May your starry night be filled with Poké Balls.

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