Poker Night: 10 Essential Steps To Hosting The Boys

10 Steps To Hosting The Perfect Poker Night

So, you think inviting some guys over to your house to drink beer and play Texas Hold 'Em will make you Edward Norton in "Rounders" and magically erase the emasculating, estrogen-dominated reality that is the rest of your week?

If you do, then astute observation sir, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Since the dawn of time, men have been taking refuge from the rewarding -- albeit exhausting -- world of being a fulltime husband and father in the form of poker night with the boys. It's a time when guards come down and men can be men.

But poker night is far from just an evening of cards played by guys haphazardly thrown together to laugh, drink and make money. Poker night, particularly for the host, is the absolute test of manhood.

Indeed, hosting poker night is a science, but just like string theory, it can be easily explained to the layman. So get out a pen and a pad and start taking notes, one misstep could cost you your reputation and your social circle.

First things first: ask your spouse if you can have poker night.

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Before You Go

Step #1: Get The Right Guys

Poker Night With The Boys

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