Roman Polanski Returns To Zurich, Director To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2009, the controversial director Roman Polanski left France and hopped aboard a plane to Switzerland, where he was to receive a lifetime achievement award.

Despite being greeted by Swiss police and spending months under house arrest, the director will, again, make that same pilgrimage at the end of September.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Polanski will be traveling to Zurich to receive - and take home - the prestigious award. Though the trip may stir up unpleasant memories, because the Swiss courts released him two years ago, there should be no reason history will be repeating itself.

After the Oscar-winner's ceremony, the Zurich festival will host the world premiere of Polanski's rather hush-hush non-fiction film; the title will not be revealed until the night of the screening.

In the meantime, the director's star-studded 'Carnage,' featuring Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly has been making a splash at the Venice Film Festival.

Even Winslet's kids loved it!