Polar Bear Cub Sleeps And Dreams With Cuddly Toy In Adorable Clip

Captivating video shows the 5-week-old stretching out and making cute noises.

This adorable polar bear cub just couldn't get to sleep without her cuddly toy.

The 5-week-old was caught on camera snuggling into the plaything inside a crib at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio, earlier this week.

Video uploaded to Facebook and YouTube by the zoo on Friday shows her stretching out, making cute noises and twitching as she appears to dream.

The cub, who has born on Nov. 6 and has not yet been named, currently weighs just 4 pounds and is 16 inches long, according to the Facebook post.

"Both eyes have started to open as of yesterday, but they are not fully open yet," the post stated, adding that she is fed every four hours.

"The care staff says the sound that she makes in the video is of contentment. Her motor skills are improving each day and she has started trying to stand up on all fours, especially when she’s ready for her next meal!" the zoo said.

A previous Facebook post detailed that the zoo's animal care staff is hand-rearing the cub after her mother, Aurora, stopped caring for her.

In the wild, polar bears are found in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway, and do not live in the Southern Hemisphere, according to the zoo’s website.

Females live for an average 24.1 years and can grow to 8 feet tall and 550 pounds. Males live on average for 20.7 years and grow to 10 feet tall and 1,500 pounds.

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