Polar Bear Cubs Open Eyes For First Time, See Their Mom (VIDEO)

Polar bears may know their mother from birth, but laying eyes on her for the first time is an entirely different story.

In a new video from Germany's Hellabrunn Zoo, two polar bear cubs open their eyes and finally see their mom lovingly nuzzling them.

Through cameras in the bears' enclosure, the Munich zoo has monitored the twins' growth since their birth last month. Zoo officials also got into the habit of posting daily footage on YouTube of mother Giovanna and her cubs.

Born blind and relatively furless, polar bear cubs must be delicately cared for during their first few months of life. In the wild, cubs stay with their mothers for at least the first 18 months, Polar Bears International notes.

"Polar bears are quite small at birth and are at more risk of dying in the first weeks than nearly any other mammal," biologist Beatrix Koehler of the Hellabrunn Zoo told NBC News.

Zoo workers will not be able to examine the cubs until they leave their enclosure for the first time, likely in March. But for now, the twins appear to be in good shape.

Hopefully, before then, we'll see the polar bear twins take their first steps, like this other cuddly cub.



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