Polaris of Minnesota Introduces Innovative Vehicle

A joint venture between Polaris Industries based in Medina, Minnesota and India's Eicher Motors has designed a purpose-built vehicle that has a three-fold function: a family car, a pickup van, and a power generator!

Priced at $3,670 the Multix has a "tubular frame structure and roll-over protection system that provides structural stability and reinforced safety." Small enough to steer through congested city roads, it has an independent suspension system and 9 inches of ground clearance to tackle uneven roads and potholes.

With its dual cab structure, the Multix seats a family of five and claims ample space for luggage. By folding the back seats it converts into a mini pickup that can be used for business purposes. However, the pickup's unique feature is what it calls the X-PORT -- which acts as a generator to give out up to three kilowatts of power to light homes, and power professional equipment such as drilling machines, DJ systems, and water pumps reports The Wall Street Journal. This is important in the Indian market where reliable electric power is an issue across much of the country.

"We have identified a large, untapped segment in independent businessmen with an estimated population of 58 million in India, and are committed to create a new and strongly differentiated automotive solution for them through 'Multix'," said Siddhartha Lal, managing director and chief executive of Eicher Motors, in a statement.

Located in Jaipur in the western state of Rajasthan, the Eicher Polaris factory can produce up to 60,000 vehicles each year, which can be doubled if needed, according to the company.