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What's Your Polarity (Part Two)

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In a desire to expand on part one of this article, I arranged to pay a visit to Carla Rueckert in order to cover more content on The Law of One. I had a lovely visit with Carla and her husband Jim McCarty in her Kentucky home. The conversation led to discussing various principles of this philosophy including sexuality, relationships, integration of the shadow self, and much more.

The concept of "the shadow," a term coined by Carl Jung, plays a significant role in the understanding of polarity and begins to outline some ways we can best grasp the teachings of The Law of One as one attempts to grab the baton and begin to work with ones self-acceptance. In our interview Carla describes it as, "Bringing the wolf from outside into the kitchen for a straight talk." Self acceptance is only a fraction of our journey into mindfulness as we gradually recognize that we are not an island. We live, breathe and create with others. The sooner that we are able to break through the barriers of our resistance, the sooner we are able to find the best within ourselves and those who surround us.

Once we get to a place of self-acceptance and we begin to be ourselves, then the awkwardness of our pretenses melts away. In those instances we are better able to blend our energy in unison and create an amenable environment. Ms. Rueckert explained that: "When our guard is down and our collective auras blend, we multiply our power by a factor of two every time a person joins in." This give a new definition to the old saying: "There is always strength in numbers."

Turning the focus slightly, I found much has been written about the physical effects of stress but little has been covered about how the prolonged presence of anger can debilitate the body. As I further researched the depths of polarity, and the many ways it plays a part in our lives beyond the realm of relationships; I found that by virtue of our unawareness we create the conditions that lend a fertile ground to illnesses such as cancer. Here is what the Ra group had to say:

The entity polarizing positively perceives the anger. This entity, if using this catalyst mentally, blesses and loves this anger in itself. It then intensifies this anger consciously in mind alone until the folly of this root chakra energy is perceived not as folly in itself but as energy subject to spiritual entropy due to the randomness of energy being used.

Positive orientation then provides the will and faith to continue this mentally intense experience of letting the anger be understood, accepted, and integrated with the mind/body/spirit complex. The other-self which is the object of anger is thus transformed into an object of acceptance, understanding, and accommodation, all being reintegrated using the great energy which anger began.

The negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complex will use this anger in a similarly conscious fashion, refusing to accept the undirected or random energy of anger and instead, through will and faith, funneling this energy into a practical means of venting the negative aspect of this emotion so as to obtain control over other-self, or otherwise control the situation causing anger.

Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst. Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating a bodily complex analog of what you call the cancerous growth of tissue. Book 2 Page 101 or Session 46.9

Years ago I found my way through what is known as "anger transmutation," a wonderful way of reversing one's emotions by sheer will upon a conscious choice. Mind you, this is not about stuffing your emotions. This is about utilizing the energy so that one is able to redirect them with purpose in order to extract the lesson offered by such catalyst. The key is keeping an open heart to that which we originally perceived as producing our reactivity. Keep in mind that what we perceived as instigating our annoyance is not always the root cause of such anger. Many of us tend to turn our backs to those with whom this energy was created. Reconciling this internal battle is part of ones spiritual and personal work. It is in reengaging with a love offering that we are able to transform from deep within. No one said life is a walk in the park, but if one can master these techniques, life is certainly sweeter. Carla stated it best: "Give it up folks: If we were perfect we would not be doing time on planet Earth. Planet Earth is a bootcamp!"

The idea of capitalizing from events or interpersonal exchanges as a form of personal growth is something that few of us consider practicing on a daily basis. Yet our job as spiritual seekers is to do just that... become observers of our inner thoughts and reactions without judgement. Ra's contribution to this topic is:

The quickest way to learn is to deal with other-selves. This is a much greater catalyst than dealing with the self. Dealing with the self without other-selves is akin to living without what you would call mirrors. Thus, the self cannot see the fruits of its beingness. Thus, each may aid each by reflection. This is also a primary reason for the weakening of the physical vehicle, as you call the physical complex. Book 1 Page 180

The second mental discipline is acceptance of the completeness within your consciousness. It is not for a being of polarity in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes, thus building the roles that cause blockages and confusions in the already-distorted mind complex. Each acceptance smoothes part of the many distortions that the faculty you call judgment engenders. Book 1 Page 87

In the final analysis how we choose to polarize opens up the soul doors and the potentiation to infinite intelligence. There is no better time than now to begin.

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