11 Of The Most Polarizing Celebrity Chefs

11 Of The Most Polarizing Celebrity Chefs

Talent in the kitchen isn't enough to catapult a chef to fame these days. Reality show gigs, cookbooks, product lines and yes, a dash of controversy are seemingly requisite to gaining celebrity chef status.

The climb rarely leaves a chef's reputation unscathed, and many who have risen to the top find themselves suddenly polarizing figures. From Paula Deen to Anthony Bourdain, all too many celebrity chefs can tick off a list of controversies that exult them in the eyes of some and tear them down in others.

And yeah, we know some people prefer the term cook to chef and vice versus -- but bear with us, it's the best catch-all term we've got!

Click through the below slideshow for some of the most polarizing celebrity chefs.

Eddie Huang

11 Most Polarizing Celebrity Chefs

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