International Pole Dance Championship In Denver August 6, 7

PHOTOS: Denver To Host First International Pole Dance Championship

We always knew Denverites (and Coloradans in general) had a penchant to live on the wild side, but who knew it'd lead to this? The first International Pole Dance Competition in the U.S. will come to Denver August 6 - 7. Dancers will compete at the Oriental Theater in Wheat Ridge.

Categories of competition include pole amateur, pole pro, non-traditional pole showcase (which allows for props such as silk, trapezes, etc.), public competition, and star improvisations.

Event organizer and pole dancing instructor at Denver's Good Mood Club, Elena Mikhaylova, spoke to the Huffington Post and explained that although this is the first international pole competition in the US, Europe and Asia have several very reputable international pole dance competitions. Mikhaylova says that pole dancing is a legitimate sport, but there is a lot of misconception that it's part of a striptease. "When I first started taking classes, I didn't have the guts to tell my friends for three months. And when I finally did, they considered it to be a joke," Mikhaylova recalls.

However, students of this sport understand the pain, demands, and physical challenge of pole dancing, Mikhaylova explained. "After class, the most common comment I get is, 'I would never have guessed pole dancing is so difficult and takes so much strength!"

Tickets to the event come in a variety of flavors (and can be purchased online): August 6 basic tickets cost $30, while August 7 will run you $20. There are also VIP tickets, reception tickets, 'all access' tickets, and two-day general admission discounts.

Don't know about you, dear readers, but we've been practicing.

Click through a slideshow of competitors below (possibly NSFW, but we're guessing you probably already figured that out). All photos courtesy of Pole Dancing Universe:

Veronika Mikhailova (Russia)

International Pole Dance Championship, Denver

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