Pole Dancing As Olympic Sport? Pole Dancers Explain Why It Should Be Included

Pole dancing has evolved over the last decade, becoming a popular workout and an organized gymnastic competition. So is it time for it to become an official Olympic sport?

In the last week, the International Pole Sports Federation instituted some new rules to help get it there. On HuffPost Live Friday, a group of pole dancing enthusiasts and national champions came together to discuss whether the sport's athletes should be allowed to compete on the world stage.

Sergia Louis Anderson, the 2013 U.S. National Pole Championships winner, said that while she defines herself more as an artist, she thinks those who want to see pole dancing in the Olympics have a great argument.

Amy Guion, co-founder of the Pole Sport Organization, and Fawnia Dietrich, owner of Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas, agreed.

"It's human nature that we always want to strive to be better than we already are," Dietrich told HuffPost Live. "I think it's a natural progression that one day, maybe by the year 2020, pole dancing will be an Olympic sport. All the power to those who have the training, the genetics and the drive to take it there."

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