Police and Populace: A Dance of Praise and Caution

We citizens are praiseworthy for denouncing police bullying, brutality and killing of unarmed persons. Justice and peace are fraternal twins!


We are foolhardy if we join our voices to, or fall silent before, the rising anti-police sentiment sweeping our nation from the highest offices to the lowest language. Indiscriminate, wholesale condemnation and injustice are also fraternal twins!

Without the rule of law, and our heroic law enforcement public servants who place their lives on the line each time they step out of their homes in uniform to preserve societal order, our communities would collapse into chaos.

As we know, we would have no nation without our military. Nor would we remain civil -- yes, short for civilization -- without our law enforcement officers.

Pedophile priests, brigand military violators of Geneva Convention statutes and rogue cops all deserve our blame, wear their stained name and bear their shame -- justly.


All priests? All military personnel? All police? Deserving of anti-sentiment assault?
God forbid!

Is this not a perfect season to lift our voices in praise of those hundreds of thousands of good, noble, fellow citizens, our mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors who serve in law enforcement well, who risk their lives daily, nay hourly, that we may live comfortably in peace, freedom and security?

Let us remain ever vigilant of wrong, but never negligent of right.

Justice is a two-way street. One lane hauls the whosoever-criminal to the courthouse and jailhouse. Down the other lane parades our heroes and heroines in uniform, proudly to the tune of our cheers, safely back home to their house.