Police Arrest Amish Men In Kentucky Who Refused To Put Safety Signs On Buggies

Nine Amish were sentenced to jail in Kentucky for breaking a state law that requires them to put orange signs on their horse-drawn buggies.

The triangular signs are required as a safety warning to indiciate slow-moving vehicles. But the men refused to comply with the law because their religious beliefs forbid them from wearing bright colors, The Courier-Journal reported.

The men, from a strict Amish sect called Old Order Swartzentruber, used reflective tape as a substitute, because the triangle is a symbol restricted for the Holy Trinity, CNN said

Eight of the men began serving sentences in Mayfield ranging from three to 10 days after refusing on Monday to pay a fine for the misdemeanors. The ninth man's fine was paid by a self-described "concerned citizen" so the protesting Amish man could be with a sick child, TV station WPSD said.

As a courtesy, they were provided with dark uniforms instead of the usual bright orange garb worn by inmates.

The local chapter of the American Civil LIberties Union has taken up their cause by representing them since 2008, when they were first convicted, according to the station. They've appealed the conviction to the Kentucky Supreme Court, but the state's high court hasn't decided if it will hear the case, The Courier-Journal said.

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