Police Arrest Alleged Sex Criminal 2 Years After Viral Video Of Attack

More than two years after a YouTube clip showed a man groping a woman on a New York City subway, police claimed they've caught the pervert.

The video, a portion of which can be seen above, allegedly shows Carlos Chuva, 43, groping Elisa Lopez's leg and trying to kiss her while she sleeps on a subway train. Another passenger originally recorded the incident in October 2012.

The Huffington Post does not normally name the victims of sexual crimes, but Lopez recently spoke out in the video above and in an interview with Cosmopolitan in an effort to help nab the perpetrator, according to the New York Daily News.

"I was in disbelief," Lopez told Cosmo in December. "This can't be me. I felt sick to my stomach. I was yelling, screaming. I was hysterical."

A criminal complaint obtained by Gothamist said police showed screen shots of the video to Chuva who admitted "That is me." Police declined to say how they tracked down Chuva.

He is charged with aggravated sexual abuse.