Watch Cop's Extremely Lucky Escape As Car Slams Into Gas Station

Try not to wince at this terrifyingly close call.

A police officer in southeastern Spain had a close call after an out-of-control car crashed into a gas station.

A red BMW narrowly avoided striking a Civil Guard officer and a pump attendant who was filling up his patrol vehicle at the Repsol outlet in Monovar, near Alicante, at 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Surveillance footage shows the BMW clipping the kerb as it swerves to avoid another car which was, according to the El Pais newspaper, illegally turning into the station. The BMW then veers away from the squad car, partially hits a pillar and skids to a halt several feet away.

If the car had hit us, it would have killed us,” an unidentified witness who was inside the station’s store at the time of the accident told La Sexta.

Incredibly, no one was injured.

Police questioned both the BMW driver and the car that allegedly forced it swerve. No charges have yet been filed.