Police Chief Resigns After TV Report Links Him To Neo-Nazi Websites

The ex-Oklahoma chief claims vindictive skinheads highjacked his name.

An Oklahoma town’s interim police chief resigned before finishing his first week on the job after a local TV station linked him to two neo-Nazi websites.

Bart Alsbrook, a reserve police officer hired Aug. 22 as interim chief in Colbert, Oklahoma, told the Tulsa World on Saturday he’s quitting the post and will no longer work as a reserve officer. Alsbrook had been the town’s third leader in less than a year, according to local station KXII-TV, which first reported Alsbrook’s links to white supremacists.

A few days after his appointment, KXII discovered that someone named Bart Alsbrook from nearby Denison, Texas, was connected with two websites that sell white supremacist-themed music and memorabilia. One of them, a record company called ISD Records, features artists like The Klansmen and album titles that include, “Hitler was Right.” The other business is called NS88 Videos.

Alsbrook denied any connection to the websites, but both were taken down within hours of the station’s inquiry. KXII reported it couldn’t find another Bart Alsbrook in the United States.

Southern Law Poverty Center, which tracks extremist groups, includes ISD Records and NS88 Videos on its Hate Map. The group identifies Bart Alsbrook as the USA Texas coordinator for a neo-Nazi skinhead group Blood & Honour.

Alsbrook told the Tulsa World that vindictive skinheads he’d met at heavy metal concerts” were to blame for his association with the racist businesses.

“Someone has been using my name for years on the internet in regards to racist topics,” Alsbrook told the paper. “It’s not me, rather someone who has hijacked my name due to my combativeness and rejection to white power skinheads who were always coming to the heavy metal shows, starting fights and messing up our scene.” 

Alsbrook didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment. 

Last week, a Minneapolis law firm fired patent attorney Aaron Davis after a newspaper exposed him as the owner of a record label specializing in white supremacist-themed metal.

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