Police Talk Down Woman Who Was Apparently Attempting Suicide Outside Of 'Kick-Ass' Comic-Con Event

Police rushed to the scene of an apparent suicide attempt in San Diego, Calif. after onlookers realized a woman hanging from a 14th floor balcony was not part of a Comic-Con marketing stunt.

The woman, who the Los Angeles Times reports was wearing green pants that suggested she was part of the "Kick-Ass 2" party that was being set up in the parking lot adjacent to the building she was hanging from, was initially thought to be part of some elaborate campaign for the movie. A character in the film wears a similar outfit.

That was not the case. "The call came in as a jumper,” a member of the San Diego Police Department told the paper. “A female hanging from a balcony. There was something thrown from the balcony and she was crying. After some negotiations, she was taken into custody." Authorities said the woman would be taken to a county mental health facility.

In late June, Jim Carrey announced that he would not be promoting the sequel to the popular film about crime fighting vigilantes -- despite appearing in the movie. Carrey says he had a change of heart about on-screen violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. (Given the timing, it's obvious the decision had nothing to do with the apparent suicide attempt.) "Kick-Ass" is known for being violent and scenes in which Chloe Moretz, then 11, used an extremely colorful expletive.

More information on Friday's incident is available at the LA Times' website. Video of the incident is available below the following information about suicide hotlines.