Police Dog Shows These Boots Are Not Made For Walking

Jary, a Belgian Malinois, was less than thrilled with the footwear gift from the Rapid City Police Department.

South Dakota winters can be brutal, with an average annual snowfall of 41 inches. So, the Rapid City Police Department decided to provide some protection for its Belgian Malinois police dog, Jary, in the form of winter boots, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

But when a K-9 officer put the boots on Jary for the first time, it was immediately obvious the dog was not a fan of the protective gear. Even though he tried on the boots indoors, his gait looked as if he were trudging through big snow drifts.

And after the police department posted video of the dog’s first tentative steps on social media, it’s fair to wonder if Jary was more chagrined by having to wear the boots or by the national notoriety that followed.

Check out the entire police department video below: