Police Dog Saves Boy With Autism From Likely Death In Cold Creek, Earns Himself A Good Belly Rub

Good boy, Maverick!

Last Sunday, Maverick, a police dog in Oregon with the Washington County Sheriff, did what frantic human searchers could not. Using only his nose, Maverick tracked down an 8-year-old boy who had become stranded in the middle of a cold, fast-moving creek.

According to a release from the Sheriff's office, the boy, who has autism, was in need of immediate assistance and in danger of getting swept under or becoming hypothermic. Had Maverick not found him so quickly, the release notes, "it is likely the boy might not have survived."

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"It was very thick. It was up to my waist at least with sticker bushes, downed trees and downed limbs," Deputy Danny Dipietro told KPTV, describing the dense woods where the boy went missing. "I put Maverick down there, and he just took off."

Twenty minutes later, Maverick found the very wet, cold, shivering boy.

Thanks to Maverick, reports The Oregonian, the boy avoided any serious injury and returned safely to his parents.



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