Police Dog's Hilarious 'Witness Statement' To English Prosecutors Gets UK Cops In Trouble (PHOTO)

It's a dog-eat-dog world, and officials in England apparently have trouble telling dogs and humans apart.

England's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) barked up the wrong tree earlier this month when they requested a witness statement from a "PC Peach," not realizing PD Peach was actually the police dog at the scene -- not an officer.

Officers at the West Midland Police station attempted to correct CPS, informing them Peach was a canine, "to no avail," the Telegraph reports. So in an act of mischief, they went ahead and completed a witness statement from "PC Peach," then displayed it on one of the station's walls for the amusement of their colleagues.

The statement from "Peach" reads, "I Chase Him. I Bite Him. Bad Man. He Tasty. Good Boy. Good Boy Peach." Peach's age is scrawled in as "4," and the signature is a paw print:

After an officer proceeded to share a photo of the statement on social media, however, the joke was over.

"The Professional Standards Department are looking into this," DCI Julian Harper from West Midlands Police explained to The Huffington Post UK. "Early inquiries suggest it is a light-hearted exchange as a result of a misunderstanding around a police dog and a police officer. The matter will be investigated."

The officers facing an inquiry have received loads of supportive (and often humorous) messages on social media, including at least one from fellow canine "Ary," who is featured in a photo with a sign that reads, "Save PD Peach."

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