Police Dogs Can Now Sniff Out Child Porn

Police Dogs Can Now Sniff Out Child Porn

You can ask God for salvation, but you can thank dog for your arrest.

Police dogs in New England are being trained to sniff out child pornography as state police in Massachusetts and Rhode Island fight back against a growing network of traffickers, according to the Providence Journal.

Smart pups, like Thoreau, a golden Labrador who trained at the Connecticut State Police Training Academy for 22 weeks, can pinpoint hard drives, thumb drives and other technological devices that may be hidden in a home.

The Providence Journal reports:

Given to the state police by the Connecticut State Police, the dog assisted in its first search warrant in June pinpointing a thumb drive containing child pornography hidden four layers deep in a tin box inside a metal cabinet. That discovery led the police to secure an arrest warrant, state police Cpl. Eric Yelle says.

“If it has a memory card, he’ll sniff it out,” Det. Adam Houston, Thoreau’s handler, says.

At times, child pornographers hide devices in ceiling tiles or even radios.

Of course, not every memory card or hard drive contains child pornography. But police say that hard drives containing illicit material are often hidden away from suspects' computers, the Boston Globe reports. Not for long -- Thoreau and some 65 other dogs trained in the Connecticut police academy program are here to help.

Thoreau is leading the charge. His recent arrest was the first in the state canine-assisted search for computer equipment that led to a state search warrant, according to Elite Daily.

To the pooches, though, finding hard drives is a game, just like with explosives and drugs. When they're successful, they're given treats.

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