Selfless Cops Chaperone Adorable Duck Family Through Traffic

The officers escorted the birds as they made their way to a river.

Kindhearted cops in Canada are melting thousands of hearts after giving special police protection to a family of ducks.

Officers escorted the mother duck and her adorable ducklings to safety after concerned citizens reported them waddling through downtown Saskatoon on Thursday afternoon.

Video posted online shows constables Joey Taylor and Ryan Geib, from Saskatoon Police Service's bike patrol unit, guarding the animals as they made their way to a riverbank.

The duo blocked traffic while chaperoning the ducks across several busy streets and to the South Saskatchewan River. The animals then entered the water and swam away.

The StarPhoenix newspaper posted the heartwarming footage to YouTube, and it's now going viral.

"We came because the citizens were concerned," Taylor told the publication. "They saw them downtown, didn't want anybody to get hurt and didn't want any of the ducks to get hurt."

The Saskatoon Police Service later posted on Facebook that its officers "are always happy to assist, and not just our people!"

Cincinnati police responded to a similarly bizarre bird situation on Monday, after a mother goose pecked on a cruiser's door to seemingly alert officers to its gosling, which was tangled in string.