Police Kill Pregnant Cow Charging Through Hawaii Traffic

A passerby tried to help, but spooked the animal.

Honolulu police shot and killed a pregnant cow that wandered into traffic last week. 

The cow escaped from a ranch on Thursday and found its way to Farrington Highway on the west side of Oahu island. 

Bud Gibson, the ranch owner, said several ranch hands were waiting for the animal to calm down before taking her home. But the situation escalated when a passersby became involved, spooking the cow. 

Video obtained by KITV4 shows the cow charging a man on the highway shoulder, then running toward a car and clipping its sideview mirror. 

"If he thought he was going to help," Gibson told KITV 4, "it wasn’t the right thing to do." 

WARNING: Explicit language.

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Police officers fired three shots, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports, killing the cow in front of stalled traffic. 

Officials told KHON2 that officers killed the cow for public safety. Witnesses filmed the cow's slow demise.

While there has been some outrage over the use of violence, Gibson said he believes cops were right to kill his cow.

"We didn't want to take a chance of someone getting hurt," Gibson told KHON2.

Gibson said the cow's meat has been donated to local families.