These 9 Graphic Mannequin Challenges Should Make Everyone Drive Safer

Warning: These are hard-hitting.

Get serious about road safety by watching these shocking versions of the #MannequinChallenge craze.

Police and fire rescue departments around the world are putting their own graphic spin on the viral trend, in which participants stand motionless while a camera pans around the eerily static scene.

Instead of a lighthearted look at their jobs, however, these emergency service crews are documenting what could be the consequences of car crashes caused by drunk, distracted or cell phone-using drivers.

Here are some of the most hard-hitting clips produced so far:

Metro Nashville Police Department
The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department teamed up with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office for this video which highlights how "one text, one time can change your life or the life of another."
Miami-Dade Police Department
Miami-Dade Police Department joined Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in Florida to show in this shocking clip what can happen when a driver is drunk or even just distracted.
Kankakee County Sheriff's Office
Kankakee County Sheriff's Office in Illinois produced this clip to raise awareness about driving under the influence. The Kankakee County State’s Attorney office has already filed some 228 DUI cases this year.
Kansas Department Of Transportation
The Kansas Department of Transportation used its video to spread the message that texting while driving "can bring your life to a standstill."
St. Thomas Police, Ontario, Canada
Cops in St. Thomas, Ontario, depicted in their clip the various stages of what happens to someone after they've been busted drinking and driving.
West Yorkshire Police, England
West Yorkshire Police, in northern England, highlights in its video the dangers of speeding, drink and drug driving, not wearing seatbelts and using cell phones.
Oxford Fire And Rescue Service, England
Crew members from the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, in southeast England, used their Mannequin Challenge to show the dangers of using a cell phone while driving.
Avon Fire And Rescue Service, England
This Mannequin Challenge, by the Avon Fire and Rescue Service in southwest England, graphically shows what could happen if people use their cell phones while behind the wheel.
Surrey Police, England
Surrey Police in southeast England also honed in on the potential dangers caused by using a cell phone while driving for its clip.