Guy Reportedly Caught On Video Stopping Traffic So He Can Moon The Police

No butts about it.

It may have been broad daylight, but there was a full moon shining over a police building in Manchester, Kentucky earlier this week. 

In a scene caught on video by surveillance cameras, 24-year-old motorist Clinton Sizemore, Jr., allegedly stopped traffic, hopped out of his pickup truck, dropped trou and mooned a building housing police offices and a 911 dispatch center.

Just in case those working inside didn't get the point, Sizemore even appeared to give his rear end a quick spank before pulling up his pants, hopping back into his pickup and driving off, according to a video posted online by WYMT Mountain News. 

Sizemore was later arrested. He now faces charges of disorderly conduct, indecent exposure and reckless driving.

The Manchester Enterprise reported that this was Sizemore's third alleged indecent exposure offense.


(h/t Raw Story)



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