Police, Muslim Leaders Join Hands In Mourning At Westminster Bridge

"Talk to Londoners, talk and get a feel for this great city and how it’s come together."

It’s a day for standing up to fear.

Police officers, local Muslim leaders and thousands of others gathered Wednesday to form a human chain on London’s Westminster Bridge, mourning the terror attack that left five people dead and dozens more wounded last week.

The bridge in central London was closed to traffic as people bowed their heads in silence. Just seven days ago, it was a scene of chaos as an attacker drove a car through a crowd of pedestrians, killing three and injuring 50 before fatally stabbing a police officer inside the gates of Parliament. Police fatally shot the suspect, Khalid Masood.

The attack bred tension and fear, reinvigorating discussions about race, religion, identity and immigration, according to reports.

But Wednesday wasn’t a day for division.

“This afternoon is about remembering the victims of last week’s events,” said Craig Mackey, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. “I would urge you, if you get time, to go onto the bridge, talk to Londoners, talk and get a feel for this great city and how it’s come together in responding to these events.”

Hannah Mckay/Reuters
Police officers and members of the public pray during an event on March 29, 2017 to mark the Westminster attack a week earlier.
Stefan Wermuth/Reuters
A police officer holds a flower alongside other mourners.
Stefan Wermuth/Reuters
Mourners form a human chain, with Big Ben in the background.
Hannah Mckay / Reuters
Muslim men pray at the memorial vigil.
Carl Court/Getty Images
Imams hold flowers on Westminster Bridge ahead of the vigil.
Stefan Wermuth / Reuters
A Muslim man holds a flower as he stands in line with others on Westminster Bridge.

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